Lee Sang Yong  www.sangyonge.com


1970 .Born in, Kong-Ju Choongnam, South Korea

2005 .Published Art Works-Hansol Group Sponsor

2008 .Currently Working On Projects. In New York

Solo Exhibition

2013 New York watherfall gallery Invited exhibition -New York,USA

2013 Seoul International Finance Center-Seoul,Korea

2012 JJ Gallery Invited Exhibition–Seoul ,Korea

2012 Kips Gallery-Chelsea, New York,, USA

2011 Sup Gallery Invited Exhibition-Seoul,Korea

2010 Maum Gallery Invited Exhibition-New York ,USA

2009 Tenri Gallery Invited Exhibition-New York, USA

2007 Flanders expo - Brussels-Belgium

2007 The Unified Government Building Invited exhibition-Korea

2007 Gallery Ho Invited Exhibition-Seoul, Korea

2005 Danwon Museum Invited Exhibition-Ansan, Korea

2002 Gwanhoon Gallery-Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition

2015 Kontemporary”Fermented Souls” Exhibition 2015Waterfall gallery-New York,USA

2015 The ARTIST,Gallery SIA-New York,USA

2014 Kok gallery Hypoxis Aurea Exhibition –Dae Gu,Korea                          

2014 Feel Life Summer Art Fastival 2014 watherfall gallery-New York,USA

2014 Changwon Asia Art Festival-Changwon,Korea

2014 Jersey City Invitational Exhibition And 7th Youth Art Contest –Jersey City Hall NJ,USA

2013 Mathone BruneLli Gallery MARIAL WORLD Exhition – Hamp tions, New York

2013Chaes art center Group exhibition- Busan, Korea

2012 Waterfall Gallery Group show – New York,USA

2012 Gallery Button, Group Exhibition-Seoul, Korea

2012 JJ Gallery 3 people Exhibition –Seoul, Korea

2011 JJ Gallery Group exhibition – Seoul, Korea

2011 Gallery Maum Group exhibition- New York, USA

2011 Gallery JJ Group exhibition – Seoul, Korea

2011 Gallery Space Maum Group exhibition- New York, USA

2011 Gallery Art@Renaissance Group Exhibition - Brooklyn New York, USA

2011 Gallery Sup Group Exhibition - Seoul, Korea

2011 Gallery Gaga Art Of life Group Exhibition-Seoul, Korea 

2011 Gallery Gaga Group Exhibition-Seoul, Korea

2010 Gallery Maum Group Exhibition- New York, USA

2010 Gallery Korea Group Exhibition-New York, USA

2010 US, FBI Project Group Exhibition-FBI Building, NJ, USA

2010 US, DHS Project Group Exhibition-Newark Liberty international Airport, NJ, USA

2010 Gallery Maum Open Group Exhibition-New York, USA

2010 F.G.S Gallery Group Exhibition-NJ, USA

2009 Space Word Gallery Group Exhibition-New York, USA

2009 Jun Gallery Open Group Exhibition-Chelsea, New York, USA

2008 Rogue Space Gallery Barack Obama Art Show By Korean Artist-Chelsea, New York, USA




Art Fair

2015 Affordable Art Fair New York 2015-New York,USA

2015 G-seoul International Art Fair Solo Show-Seoul,Korea

2014 Spectrum art Miami -Miami,USA

2014 Scope art Miami - Miami,USA

2014 ART EDITION 2014 – Seoul,Korea

2014 G-Seoul International art fair Solo Show –Seoul,Korea

2014 Chicago International Art Fair-Chicago,USA

2014 Palm Beach Art Fair-Miami,USA

2014 LA Art Show –LA,USA

2014 Art show Busan 2014-Busan,Korea

2014 New York Scope Art Show -New York,USA

2013 Miami Context –Miami,USA

2013 Toronto International Art Fair ,Toronto,Canada

2013 Houston Art Fair ,Houston,USA

2013 G Seoule Art Fair ,Hillton Hotel,Seoul,korea

2012 Seoul Living Art Fair ,COEX- Seoul, Korea

2012 Art Asia Miami - Miami,USA

2012 Seoul Open Art Fair-Seoul,Korea

2012 Cheong Dam Art Fair -Seoul,Korea

2012 Korea Art Show - Seoul, Korea

2012 Busan Art Show - Busan , Korea

2012 Bama Busan Art  Show - Busan, Korea

2012 Spoon Art Fair - Hong Kong

2012 Hong Kong Contemporary -Hong Kong

2012 Yong Art Tapei - Tapei

2012 Korean Art Show-New York .USA

2011 Art Hampton New York, New York, USA

2011 The Affordable Art Fair Singapore-Singapore,Singapore

2011 Red Dot Miami-Miami,USA

2011 Doors Art Show-Seoul,Korea

2011 Korea Art Show- Seoul,Korea

2011 Scope New York -New York, USA

2011 Red Dot New York - New York,USA

2011 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair - Hong kong, Hong kong

2010 Scope Miami - Miami,USA

2007 Flanders Expo Gent-Brussels,Belgium         






Haines Gallery (San Francisco, USA)

pennsylvania university hospital Philadelphia,USA)

Azadehshladovsky Inc. (USA)

Oppenheim Architecture ( Miami. USA )

Korea Cultural Service ( NY. USA)

Tongin Express (NJ.USA)

Takami Brldal ,Inc ( Japan)

Kolon Group (Korea)

and ( Korea ,USA ,Iceland, England ,Japan, ese…)