My art stars with a selfish idea that a number of the human forms in my work and a silhouette (form) of this age that they are trying to say might benot a personal feeling, but a common bond of sympathy which contemporary men can develop. Images and situations that can be easily sensed and seen everywhere and all that people have felt and done as a human being will be coming to your mind as well as my mind. I tried to express its forms and images in a somewhat pleasant and cynical way. People dream of breaking away from the routine of daily life or it maybe just my case. We unconsciously may want it for us, who got tired of life, to forget ourselves for a while rather than to abandon ourselves now. Whenever I face difficult questions, I wonder whether I am worried about them with the predetermined answers of the questions. If yes, why are there still so many unsolved problems? My work includes problem solving processes. I throw a solving process and an answer of the question in some works and a question in others. I believe that a response and interpretation rests on people. So I touch every image and form, to my heart’s content. And I ask them if they can deviate and escape. I want to give a hopeful message to people who are stuck in a rut.


- Of the Baek, sang ock Artist Note